X-Frame Waist Trainer

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Benefits

    • Helps improve posture
    • Increases fat loss through themogenesis
    • Supports lower back
    • Reduces inches in waist
    • Tightens core and abdominal muscles

    One-of-a-kind Features

    • Compression: Designed with triple adjustment for greater compression and support 4 elastic band adjustable at the waist
    • Built to last: Interior fabric made of a comfortable poly/spandex blend for a comfortable and irritation free experience
    • Support: 4 flexible rods to provide support lower back
    • Secure: Anti-slip tape


    Accelerate fat loss through thermogenesis

    Support your lower back and correct posture, relieves back pain

    Supports waist and core to keep strong while lifting

    Extenuates an aesthetic xframe/vtaper physique

    Interior latex fabric helps to increase fat loss and target your midsection by heating up your core while doing cardio and weight-lifting

    Tightens abdominal muscles

  • Flat Rate $12 shipping across North America.

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